Are There Benefits Of Living Off Campus While Attending GVSU?

Although GVSU recommends and encourages first-year students to live on campus for several important and commendable reasons, there are benefits to living in other GVSU student housing.

As a courtesy to college students and prospective college students, GVSU provides information in regards to off-campus housing. They do not endorse or support any one of the campus housing communities, but they realize that not all students desire the benefits that on-campus housing can offer. GVSU shows respect for those decisions by providing what information they can about off-campus housing. 

Some advantages to living off campus can include saving money on food, eliminating privacy and space issues, and even avoiding health problems. Many college students can save money by paying a monthly rent instead of adding a housing fee onto their college tuition, which, in turn, helps students avoid additional interest on loans. This is something you will want to look into to see if it will actually save you money to live off campus and to determine if that is the lifestyle for you. Food plans are often required investments with on-campus housing, adding additional costs. If you require special foods for specific health reasons, are vegetarian or eat only organic foods, or have any food allergies requiring you to avoid certain foods, having a food plan included with your housing can be costly, wasteful financially, and very inconvenient. As far as privacy and space issues, on-campus housing can be tiny and cramped and have up to four students per room with only one bathroom to share. Some on-campus housing only offers community bathrooms that are shared by 20 or more students! By living off campus, you not only get your own space, but you may also avoid sicknesses like the flu and cold, which seem to spread through the dorms quickly. 

There are many off-campus housing opportunities available, a few of them so close to campus that you can look out the window and actually see them. One of these is our community, Meadows Crossing. We are located right across from the GVSU Allendale Campus and have two-and four-bedroom townhomes available. Each bedroom is keyed for privacy with a private bath included. There is a large shared kitchen area where you can cook your own meals, and it’s connected to a space that’s large enough to entertain guests. We are excited to be able offer an extensive list of amenities to all of our residents. With reasonable pricing, we are designed with students’ necessities and comfort in mind. Browse our website to get all of the details on everything we offer.

Here are other off-campus housing tips, courtesy of GVSU.


Off-campus housing for families courtesy of GVSU:


Benefits of on-campus living:

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