Allendale, Michigan, is best known for being the home of Grand Valley State University. The college was established in 1960, with its first class of students totaling 226. It has since grown to be the collegiate choice of over 24,000 students. A variety of student housing is available at GVSU, including Meadows Crossing, which is one of the newest and closest choices. If you have friends or family who attend GVSU, go visit them and take some time to discover what Allendale has to offer.


The small town of Allendale is home to approximately 12,000 people. There are many things you can do when visiting Allendale. You wouldn’t want to miss visiting the Engine House 5 Museum located at 6620 Lake Michigan Drive. Rich in history, this is a museum of fire fighting memorabilia. From the late-1800s horse-drawn, fire carriages and pumpers, to the American LaFrance fire trucks from 1919 on, there’s much to entertain and educate you on the history of this firehouse.


If you’re visiting Allendale in the wintertime and enjoy skiing, Bittersweet Ski Resort is about an hour south of Allendale. Summertime visits are perfect for visiting Grand Haven State Park just a half-hour drive west of Allendale. Enjoy the sun, beach, and waves of Lake Michigan while you relax and unwind. The Meadows Golf Club is also located by GVSU, making it easy to get some golfing during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.


Come spend the day exploring and visiting with some of the people who live in this town year-round. There are plenty of restaurants to try, as well as shops and stores to make your time spent more memorable.

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