When you sign a lease for an apartment, it is important to consider the cost of UTILITIES. These are costs that you will be responsible for paying in addition to rent. Here are the utilities to consider:

  1. Electric

  2. Gas

  3. Water

  4. Internet

  5. Cable TV
Each apartment complex handles the cost of utilities differently. You will want to know up front what the typical monthly cost for utilities will be and how much that cost fluctuates over the year. It’s better to know ahead of time what to expect than to have an unhappy surprise later on.

This is especially true with utilities like gas and electric. Because GVSU is located in Michigan, we do experience a long winter, and that means higher utility bills due to heating expense. Some apartment complexes heat with electricity and others heat with natural gas. Natural gas is by far the cheaper option for heating, so you need to ask landlords whether their heating system uses gas or electric. Also, ask what the current tenants are paying in utility bills before you sign a lease. Meadows Crossing townhomes and apartments are heated entirely by natural gas!

Meadows Crossing townhomes and apartments are designed to promote energy efficiency. All Meadows Crossing apartment units have energy-efficient floor plan designs, Andersen windows, 90% efficient gas forced-air furnaces, and fast-recovery gas water heaters. Meadows Crossing is committed to offering our tenants energy-efficient apartments and appliances to help minimize their green footprint.

Internet and Cable TV can also be very expensive. A typical high-speed Internet bill for one apartment is about $60 per month. Depending on the package, Cable TV can be up to $120 per month. Meadows Crossing provides high-speed Internet and Cable TV to every apartment. This cost is included in the monthly rent so our tenants do not have to pay an extra utility bill for Internet and Cable TV.

Another consideration is water expense. Some apartment complexes charge a monthly fee for water usage. You need to ask if water is included in the monthly rent. If it is not included, then find out how much you will be charged each month for water.

One of the greatest challenges in renting an apartment with other unrelated people is who will place the utilities in their name. The person who puts the utilities in their name has the challenge each month to collect the expense of utilities from each of their roommates. Meadows Crossing has greatly simplified this process by implementing a flat-rate utility fee of $49 a month for each of our tenants. This will help take away the hassle of one roommate collecting utility expense from roommates and also the worry of facing high utility bills when winter comes around (as it always does).

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