The Retail Shoppes at Meadows Crossing are a very special amenity for the students living at Meadows Crossing. They’re home to the best leisure and entertainment hot spots, including Cottage Inn Pizza, Gentlemen's Quarters Barber Salon, Hip Party Store, and now Insomnia Cookies!

Insomnia Cookies has opened a store at the Meadows Crossing Retail Shoppes. That means our GVSU students are now able to get cookies delivered to their doorsteps when they are studying at night - as late as 3 AM. Cookies are available all day too. The retail store opens starting at 9 AM with deliveries beginning at 10 AM. The menu features a variety of cookies, deluxe cookies, brownies, and ice cream. A pint of cold milk can be added to any order too.

Seth Berkowitz founded Insomnia Cookies in 2003 from his own dorm room at the University of Pennsylvania. Seth didn’t like heavy meals late at night, but he loved delivered food, so he started baking and delivering warm cookies and brownies to the students on his campus. This was a new concept and obviously a hit as Insomnia Cookies has 125 stores open across the United States now, most of them next to major universities.

Most students stay up late studying at least periodically, but the options for food get scarcer and scarcer as the night goes on. Insomnia Cookies allows them to satisfy their food cravings very late and get an energy boost to keep studying. Everyone the management at Meadows Crossing has spoken to who is familiar with Insomnia Cookies is incredibly excited about their location here in Allendale, Michigan. We turned the space in our Retail Shoppes over to them on August 1, 2018, and they installed their finishes, fixtures, equipment, and furniture at that point and opened to the public in September 2018. 

By the time the need for real studying begins this fall semester at Grand Valley, there will be hot cookies and brownies available 18 hours a day here on our Meadows Crossing campus and available for delivery to our tenants and others until late, late at night. We think this is a great perk for all GVSU students, and we’re proud to be able to offer it to them.

So look for Insomnia Cookies in the Retail Shoppes at Meadows Crossing. When you have a craving for something sweet late at night, you can call and order up cookies fresh from the oven and delivered directly to your door!

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