In your mind’s eye, when you think of apartments near GVSU, you probably think of garden-style apartments. Not all off-campus living units are apartments, though. Some are townhomes. That’s the style of living we offer at Meadows Crossing. We believe townhome living is superior to apartment living in every way. If you are a first-time renter or a freshmen transitioning from dorm living, here’s what you need to consider before you sign your apartment lease. 

How Is a Townhome Different from an Apartment?

A garden-style apartment is a residential building that is usually between one and three stories high. The main floor is at ground level, and the upper floors are accessible by common stairways shared with other residents.  

In this type of apartment building, there are only a few entrances to the building where residents can go in and out. Typically this means they have a long walk to reach the outside and an even longer walk to reach their car. Individual apartments are located off of a long hall. The upper floors are accessed by shared stairways.

At Meadows Crossing we chose to build a townhome community. This is because we think townhome living is much superior to apartment living. Here are some reasons why:

Privacy - Many newer apartments near Grand Valley were built to reduce space and eliminate hallways within apartment units. However, when all bedrooms in an apartment exit directly onto the kitchen or living room, residents lose their privacy. Roommates and their guests can see what they are doing. It’s a type of fishbowl living. No one wants that. 

If you don’t want everyone to know all of your business, townhome living is for you. All of the bedrooms in Meadows Crossing townhomes exit onto a hallway. This guarantees more privacy for each resident because no one congregates in a hallway. It’s too uncomfortable to hang out there. 

Noise - The whole structure of a townhome - all of the floors - belong to one unit. This means you will not have noisy neighbors above or below you to contend with. If someone is too loud, you will know exactly who they are and will be able to address them directly. 

Individual bathrooms - Every bedroom in a Meadows Crossing townhome has its own private bathroom. You can take a shower without dragging your clothes down a hallway, and you do not have to worry about how other people will leave the bathroom. You can keep all your toiletries and personal items in one location exactly where you need them. 

Most of our townhomes also have a half bathroom available for common use by all the residents and their guests. Half bathrooms solve so many issues that crop up when living with other people. 

Parking is better - Townhomes are accessible to their residents directly from the sidewalk outside. In contrast, apartments frequently have long hallways and stairs. When living in a townhome, you will not have to navigate multiple doors, long hallways, and long flights of stairs when you get home. You can enter your home right from the street. That makes a huge difference when you’re carrying heavy textbooks or groceries! It also makes moving in and moving out much simpler. 

Cleaner environment - In the age of COVID, germs are more of an issue than ever. Because residents directly access their townhomes, there are fewer common areas that they have to walk through. They don’t have to touch railings and walls that hundreds of other people have touched. This means they are less likely to become exposed to germs and become sick. 

For all of the above reasons, we recommend that GVSU students explore townhome living as an option for the upcoming school year. We offer 179 townhomes. They make up 95% of the units in our complex. Choose the right place to live in Allendale, MI - the townhomes at Meadows Crossing. 

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