Student Life in Off-Campus Housing Directly Across from GVSU

The biggest advantage that Meadows Crossing’s townhomes have within the competitive off-campus apartment market near GVSU is their design. We built our townhomes with the comfort, safety, and privacy of our students in mind. The features we included in our townhomes continue every year to provide students with a shelter against the stress and pressure of college. Their bedrooms are a place where they can study, rest, relax, socialize, and be themselves. Additionally, we offer a unique option in one of our townhome styles: a first-floor bedroom.
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If you are a college student and have never lived in an apartment before, it can be hard to know ahead of time what will be important or even crucial to a good living experience. Access to privacy is one thing most of Meadows Crossing’s residents will recommend about living in our townhomes. Another is the bathrooms. We offer an important bathroom advantage: our townhome units have bathrooms that are private to each bedroom as well as a half bathroom for our residents and their guests to use communally.

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Life throws everyone curve balls sometimes. At Meadows Crossing we know that our residents have events change their lives in unexpected ways. Sometimes what they expected to do or study in college changes once they’ve explored their options a little more. Sometimes they decide not to continue on with their education. Occasionally other family or life issues come up. Life or education changes have ripple effects in terms of their careers and their current living arrangements, including the need to make arrangements to get out of a lease or sublet a room in order to move on to the next step. When our residents’ lives change, Meadows Crossing’s management tries to be as accommodating as possible in helping our residents to arrange subleasing, lease assignments or lease terminations.

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The Place to Be

If you follow Meadows Crossing on our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our YouTube channel, or our Instagram, you will notice our tagline is “the place to be.” You may wonder, why is Meadows Crossing the place to be? This is not just a marketing gimmick. We really are proud of the added value we give to our residents. We work hard to make living in our townhomes an exceptional experience for GVSU students.
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rec room

At Meadows Crossing we are proud of our townhouses and apartments and the privacy that their unique design provides for our tenants. However, people often like to mix and mingle with others in larger spaces than traditional apartments generally provide. This is why we created our Rec Room and why in 2017 we completely revamped it - to give our tenants a large, luxurious hangout place to eat, play games, and spend time with friends and neighbors.
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