Student Life in Off-Campus Housing Directly Across from GVSU

A closet with organized containers on the shelves

One issue that many apartment dwellers struggle with is a lack of space. This can be especially challenging for the person who has to share an apartment with a number of roommates as the space is divided and divided again until there is nowhere left to put anything. College students have storage needs to accommodate their belongings, but not every apartment complex is capable of meeting those needs.

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When GVSU students move into their new apartments or townhomes, they are focused on the immediate and tangible problems of moving: carrying their belongings in, setting up their rooms, finding space for everything, and getting settled. Too often they overlook the very important step of communicating with their roommates the practicalities of how they will share their space. Being proactive right away in establishing rules and boundaries for living together can prevent problems, stress, and anger later on.

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Stacked up change with a hand holding a lightbulb

When you sign a lease for an apartment, it is important to consider the cost of UTILITIES. These are costs that you will be responsible for paying in addition to rent. Here are the utilities to consider:

  1. Electric

  2. Gas

  3. Water

  4. Internet

  5. Cable TV
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When it comes to apartment marketing, too much of the information out there is social media noise. Internet memes, Funny or Die videos, and inspirational quotes don’t tell you anything you really need to know about life in any given apartment complex, but too often this is what apartment managers put up on social media. It’s important for GVSU students to be able to tune out this noise and find the information they need to know. Which apartment complexes are good places to live? Which complexes are well managed? These are the questions you need to ask.

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