Student Life in Off-Campus Housing Directly Across from GVSU

West Michigan can be a bleak place in the wintertime. We have long stretches when there is little sunshine and the weather is too cold and windy to be outside for long. This lack of sun causes problems. Many GVSU students struggle to keep their spirits up or to feel energetic enough to accomplish the studying and the work they have to do. Part of this is simple Vitamin D deficiency. Fortunately, Meadows Crossing’s tanning system can help you fight it.

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One factor few college students take into consideration when they choose a place to live is parking. This is important for a number of reasons. The first is that any student with a car will need a place - a safe place - to park. The second is that they will want their friends and relatives to come and visit them - and that means their apartment complex must have adequate visitor parking.

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It’s that time again, the time when GVSU students must decide where they will live next year. If you’ve only lived at home or in the dorms in your college experience, it can be hard to know what is really important to look for in an apartment - the kinds of features that will prove to be either very valuable or very annoying to your overall experience. Before you make a decision, we at Meadows Crossing would advise you to think about how much privacy your apartment will afford you.

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