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A bunch of guys shooting hoops in an outdoor pool

Summer has arrived in Michigan, and we can all go out and enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures and socialize with our neighbors. At Meadows Crossing this means our residents will be using our outdoor amenities much more, including our basketball and beach volleyball courts and resort-style pool and spa. There’s nothing so nice on a hot day as a refreshing dip in a pool for fun and relaxation

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A happy mom smiles because her son is finally home from college

The GVSU winter semester is wrapping up and soon many students will be returning to their parents home from their Allendale student apartments - whether just for the summer, or until graduates can achieve economic independence and start building their own nests. Freshmen, in particular, need to be prepared for the jarring feeling of being a “child” again in their parents’ homes. Graduates may resent that their opportunities may be limited for awhile yet and that they still need help. But living with your parents doesn’t have to be problematic. If you understand the basic conflicts inherent in parent/adult child relationships, it will be easier to manage them. Typically, there are three major stressors:

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By: Karen Bier-Hobbs

The least enjoyable part of the semester is now upon us - the long stretch of time between midterms and finals that is filled with exams, papers, projects, and plenty of stress. Successfully handling that stress so you can get to the end of the semester with decent grades and an intact sanity is the subject of many advice columns. The suggestions are common sense: eat right, get as much sleep as you can, study well but skip the panicking, exercise or otherwise find outlets for energy release, take hot baths or showers to relax: Healthy Living 101.

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For Michigan students by the end of February, winter has taken its toll on our attitudes; especially this one. Our phone bills have gone up from not leaving the apartment, getting out to do activities seems so much harder, and junky comfort food has worked its way into our diets, almost without our consent. Here are some ways to break up the winter blahs on Grand Valley’s campus.

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