Student Life in Off-Campus Housing Directly Across from GVSU

When you’re in college, you’re often juggling many different responsibilities: school, work, chores, studying, and social life. It would make sense then, that you would try to combine some of these to make them simpler, less time consuming, or more fun. Making dinner with friends is a great way to eat better, relax, and include the people you care about in your busy life. Oftentimes multitasking doesn’t actually accomplish more than one task, though - it prevents you from doing any of those tasks well or to completion. Here are some ways that people sabotage their efforts with multitasking: 

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As the winter semester comes to a close, the stress inevitably amps up for GVSU students. April can be an overwhelming month filled with papers, projects, exams, and very few breaks. We’ve talked before about getting through to the end of the semester without losing your mind, but since finals are coming up again, we thought we’d go through some good study-break ideas. An overwhelmed mind is not one that performs at its best, so listen to your body and your emotions. When you feel like you can’t read or type another word or if you have to do one more project for class you’ll burst into tears, utilize one of the following strategies.


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