Student Life in Off-Campus Housing Directly Across from GVSU

Yellow "change ahead" sign with a blue sky and sun in the background

It can be hard to change living arrangements, and it’s one of the things that creates a lot of anxiety for college students who are new at living away from home. Juggling day-to-day life responsibilities as well as learning to excel at school is a bit of a trick. Most of us feel comfortable with routines we’ve established, even when they constrain us or have become outdated. This is why moving to a new place can feel so challenging.

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Fresh produce at a farmers market

It’s summertime again, that magical time of year when everything in Michigan is green and growing - and not just trees and flowers, but food! One of the best and least appreciated things about living in West Michigan is how large and extensive our local foodshed is. Farmers here grow the usual corn and soybeans, of course, but they also grow everything from fruit to grains and vegetables. They raise all sorts of livestock: cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens. West Michigan companies brew their own signature beers and make wine from their own vineyards.

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A very messy and cluttered dorm room

The semester is over. Whether that means you’ll be going home for Christmas, going home for the summer, moving out permanently to fulfill your post-college plans, or will be staying on but want to take back control over your space, decluttering is a necessary step to take to restore order and sanity to your life. So what needs to go?

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