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According to U.S. News & World Report, in the 2011 publication of Best Colleges, Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, is ranked number 34 in of the Midwest Regional Universities. Founded in 1960, the university encourages first-year students to live on campus so they can fully experience campus life and be involved in the programs offered by GVSU.


A study commissioned in 1958 by the Michigan Legislature revealed the need for a four-year college in the Grand Rapids area. Thus, Grand Valley State College was born, which became Grand Valley State University in 1987. An 876-acre site was chosen and construction began. Over the years, the university has expanded and is now situated on 1,280 acres along with the addition of many satellite campuses or centers in downtown Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, and Traverse City. In 1963, the first class of students numbered 226; in 2010/2011, that number exceeded 24,000.


GVSU is a four-year public university in West Michigan with an established reputation for creating unique learning opportunities. Students are attracted to the university not only from within the state, but also from across the U.S. and globally. Critical thinking is encouraged as well as focusing on creative problem solving and cultural understanding in order to prepare students to successfully live in a world that is changing at a rapid pace. Grand Valley’s wish for each student is for him or her to be more than prepared to excel in the field of his or her choice. To help each student meet that challenge, GVSU helps more than 5,000 students a year to achieve this goal through quality educational programs along with internships and student teaching. It is reported that 98% of GVSU graduates are successfully employed or pursuing advanced degrees. Grand Valley offers over 200+ areas of study, 78 undergraduate degrees, and 29 graduate degrees. Among the extensive areas of study are technology, nursing, finance, engineering, social work, legal professions, business, agriculture, education, psychology, and accounting.


Starting in June, be sure to visit the GVSU Farmer’s Market, where you can enjoy locally grown produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, maple syrup, homemade jams, and more. This Farmer’s Market is conveniently located at the Allendale Campus Parking Lot F, every Wednesday 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Help keep our local farmers in business and enjoy some of the best quality foods Michigan has to offer! With the wide range of educational choices available and the environmentally friendly campus and student housing, GVSU gives students the opportunity to benefit from both rural and urban lifestyles. Who could ask for anything more?


Make Meadows Crossing your off-campus living choice and stay close to all that GVSU has to offer while enjoying your freedom and privacy for the complete package.


For more information, Grand Valley State University is located at 1 Campus Drive Allendale, MI 49401-9403, ph: (616) 331-5000


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Allendale, Michigan, is best known for being the home of Grand Valley State University. The college was established in 1960, with its first class of students totaling 226. It has since grown to be the collegiate choice of over 24,000 students. A variety of student housing is available at GVSU, including Meadows Crossing, which is one of the newest and closest choices. If you have friends or family who attend GVSU, go visit them and take some time to discover what Allendale has to offer.


The small town of Allendale is home to approximately 12,000 people. There are many things you can do when visiting Allendale. You wouldn’t want to miss visiting the Engine House 5 Museum located at 6620 Lake Michigan Drive. Rich in history, this is a museum of fire fighting memorabilia. From the late-1800s horse-drawn, fire carriages and pumpers, to the American LaFrance fire trucks from 1919 on, there’s much to entertain and educate you on the history of this firehouse.


If you’re visiting Allendale in the wintertime and enjoy skiing, Bittersweet Ski Resort is about an hour south of Allendale. Summertime visits are perfect for visiting Grand Haven State Park just a half-hour drive west of Allendale. Enjoy the sun, beach, and waves of Lake Michigan while you relax and unwind. The Meadows Golf Club is also located by GVSU, making it easy to get some golfing during the spring, summer, and fall seasons.


Come spend the day exploring and visiting with some of the people who live in this town year-round. There are plenty of restaurants to try, as well as shops and stores to make your time spent more memorable.

Grand Valley State University is a four-year public university in West Michigan providing undergraduate education to over 24,000 students. GVSU in Allendale, MI, has an established reputation for creating unique learning opportunities, and their diligence in assisting its students to achieve their highest goals is apparent in the successes of their graduates.


Annoesjka Steinman graduated from GVSU in May 2008, after earning her Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management with an emphasis in Aquatic Ecosystems. In September2009, she was named the executive director of Blandford Nature Center in Grand Rapids, where she says that she enjoys a position that allows her to "dabble" in a plethora of environmental and educational issues, such as stream erosion and land management issues. She also oversees the center’s small farm and 143 acres, which thousands of children use as a classroom each year. Here, children’s natural curiosity is piqued as they connect to the outdoors and develop a love of the natural world. Steinman believes it’s important to teach kids at a young age about how important it is to protect the environment because it sustains all living things by providing food, shelter, and quality of life.


Another graduate who has accomplished a significant amount since graduating from GVSU in 2008 is Kyle Denning. Along with Denning, Dan Kuipers, an undergraduate student at GVSU, co-founded Sustainable Energy Financing, a company that promotes renewable energy and sustainability-related projects both domestically and internationally. Denning received a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance. Hired by Viability-- an organization that provides renewable energy consulting--right after graduation, Denning met Kuipers. After working together for nearly two years, they founded their own company, acquired Viability, and expanded their company to Africa. Both Denning and Kuipers have their eyes on the future and a deep concern for the world that children today will grow up in.


Tony Rotman, another graduate of GVSU, also has a great interest in sustainability. After taking a class at GVSU called Visionary Thinkers, he made a career change that focused on sustainability. Rotman has since built a successful career on creating energy-efficient supply chain systems in the furniture industry. Rotman is currently a production manager at Q Collection in New York City, a sustainable design firm that uses non-toxic and locally sourced materials to produce furniture. As part of his job, he travels to manufacturing facilities where he educates employees about social responsibility.


“What’s happening right now is that most furniture is built in ways that are the quickest and cheapest,” Rotman said. “But there are better ways of doing things, and it’s often the little, behind-the-scenes things that can have a huge impact. It can start at the distribution and manufacturing points. Although plastic is cheaper to use for packaging, it’s bad for the environment and for people, so it’s very important to use other renewable materials. It’s just a matter of educating the public about it.”


Rotman is also an advocate for teaching people about sustainable practices abroad.


If you have a desire to help care for the environment, there are many choices you can make to do that. Grand Valley State University can help you make the right choices to fulfill that dream. For more information about this college located in Allendale, MI, please visit their website at or call them at the phone number below.


Grand Valley State University, 1 Campus Drive Allendale, MI 49401-9403, ph: (616) 331-5000


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While attending GVSU, security is important to the college as well as to its students. The primary responsibility for law enforcement on the Allendale campus rests with GVSU’s Department of Public Safety Services (DPS). The University has many security features to ensure that its students feel safe. The entire campus and parking lots are well-lit and the DPS includes a fully-equipped and trained University police department that provides 24-hour emergency service from the Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority.


There are also student security personnel that DPS employs on a part-time basis to provide additional safety. Officers patrol the campus regularly during academic breaks and there is an emergency system installed that informs students about emergencies and campus closings via e-mail and text messages (which the students are required to register for online). Emergency call buttons are found near the front door of every residential hall. In addition, GVSU encourages students to be aware of what is going on around them and to take responsibility for their own belongings and safety.


In comparison to the national average and to other state universities, crime rates are very low at GVSU. Police are quick to respond if a situation does occur and are always willing to escort a student home if he or she feels unsafe. During low-residency periods, special security features are in effect and students that remain in on-campus housing during the holidays and spring break periods must register in advance with a housing and resident life staff member. Referring to the housing handbook will provide additional information.


If you are a student who lives in off-campus housing while attending GVSU, you should be aware of the security measures that are employed in the building or community you reside in so you can take measures to work in harmony with them.


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