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Rules & Regulations

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Revised 1/6/2012

1. In addition to the terms, covenants, and conditions contained in this Lease, Tenant covenants and agrees to be bound by the Meadows Crossing Rules And Regulations, including any rules posted on the Property, e.g. Pool & Spa Rules applicable to all tenants and their guests. Tenants will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.

2. Landlord reserves the right to alter, modify, and amend these Rules And Regulations, provided that such amendment, modification or alteration shall serve the purpose of reasonably preserving the Personal Property, Bedroom, Unit and Common Areas of the Community (“Property”) and the rights and interests of the tenants of the Community to quiet enjoyment of the Property.

3. Tenant shall be responsible for all damage or injury resulting from any violation of the Rules And Regulations, including damages caused by Tenant's guest(s).

4. The commodes and other water apparatus such as dishwashers and garbage disposals shall not be used for any other purpose other than that for which they are constructed nor shall any sanitary napkins, tampons, disposable diapers, sweepings, rubbish, rags, paper towels, excessive food matter or any other improper articles be thrown into the same. Damage to the Unit resulting from misuse thereof shall be borne by Tenant. In addition, Tenant will be charged for any toilets and garbage disposals that have been clogged by foreign objects.

5. Tenant will maintain a minimum temperature of 55 degrees F and a maximum temperature of 80 degrees F in the Unit. Also, upon leaving the Unit for any extended period of time, Tenant shall provide for daily inspection of the Unit during cold periods. This inspection shall include checking on the heating system to insure that proper heat levels are being maintained. (KEROSENE BURNERS OR ANY TYPE OF AUXILIARY HEATERS ARE PROHIBITED). Tenant is responsible for any damage to the Unit that occurs because heat was turned below 55 degrees F, or turned off.

6. No sticky materials whatsoever or large nails, hooks, screws or string lights (such as holiday decorations) are to be put in/on walls or ceiling. Small nails (such as brads) may be used in walls to hang pictures. Painting labor and supply costs will be charged to Tenant for damage repairs for excessive holes, dark marks, sticky materials, large nail holes, marks on ceiling or any other repair and painting costs exceeding normal wear and tear.

7. If Tenant misplaces his/her key, Landlord may loan a key to Tenant during normal business hours. Proof of I.D. and a $20.00 charge will be required if tenant is locked out after normal business hours. If a key is lost or not returned at the end of the Lease Term, Landlord will charge Tenant $100.00 for changing locks. 8. Tenant shall replace burned out electric light bulbs. At the end of the Lease Term, Tenant will be charged $5.00 for each burned out light bulb not replaced by Tenant.

9. All bicycles and motorcycles shall be kept in designated areas.

10.Tenant shall permit only Tenant, his or her family members, and invited guests, if accompanied by the Tenant, to use the recreational facilities, provided by the Landlord at the Community. All such recreational facilities shall be used by such persons only in strict compliance with rules and regulations from time to time adopted by the Landlord with respect to such recreational facilities.

11. Windows and doors at the Unit shall not be obstructed by Tenant. If Landlord provides blinds on windows, then such blinds shall not be removed by Tenant. If Tenant installs draperies, Tenant shall remove them at the end of the Lease Term, and any damage to the Unit shall be repaired by Tenant at Tenant’s expense. Any window treatment installed by Tenant shall have white backing. Tenant shall not throw anything out of the windows or doors. Tenant shall not leave windows or doors open during inclement weather. Tenant shall be liable for any damage to the Unit, including but not limited to paint, walls, cabinets, carpets, floors, doors, etc., resulting from failure to exercise reasonable care.

12. Clothing, sheets, signs, etc. shall not be hung from windows, porches, or balconies of the Unit. Tenant shall keep neat and clean all patios, porches and balconies of the Unit and shall not use the same for storage of automobile tires, firewood or other unsightly or heavy items. Only outdoor furniture and related patio items may be placed on any patio, porch or balcony. Use of colored light bulbs in any exterior fixture is prohibited.

13. Tenant shall not place any unusually heavy objects on the floor, such as pool tables, waterbeds, etc.

14. Washing vehicles and performing mechanical work at the Community is prohibited unless special areas are designated in Landlord’s sole discretion. Parking of race cars, junk cars or storage of any vehicle that is not operable is prohibited. Parking of boats, recreational or commercial vehicles is prohibited.

15. If applicable, Internet and network access may be provided by a service provider to the Community. All Rules And Regulations issued from time to time by Landlord, Landlord’s Agent, or Landlord’s service provider with respect to Internet and network access, shall apply to Tenant’s use thereof. Charter Communications will be the service provider and its Acceptable Use Policy can be found at http://www.charter.com/Visitors/Policies.aspx?Policy=6. Landlord or Landlord’s Agent may, at its discretion from time to time, change the service provider and make changes to the network access system.

16. Tenants are not permitted in attics, in water meter closets, on rooftops, on carports, on mailboxes or within the fenced storm water detention area. Tenants are not permitted in the pool area outside pool hours. Tenant will be charged $200.00 for each violation.

17. Tenant agrees to give right of entry to pest control vendors when extermination is scheduled.

18. Notice shall be given to Landlord if the Unit is not going to be occupied for a period of time in excess of 14 days.

19. Beer kegs may not be brought to the Community. Tenant will be charged $600.00 per beer keg, and may be evicted.

20. Tenant must use an ironing board when ironing clothes. At no time should Tenant place a hot or warm iron on the carpet or vinyl floor. If the carpet or vinyl floor is burned by any means the ENTIRE floor covering of that room may be replaced at Tenant’s expense.

21. Tenant may not move into the Unit until the Security Deposit has been paid and each utility has been placed in the name of one of the tenant’s of the Unit, and the Personal Guaranty of the Lease has been signed. For any utility placed in Tenant’s name, Tenant shall provide Landlord with the confirmation numbers from the utility companies prior to moving into the Unit.

22. All utility bills must remain in a tenant’s name, including electric bills, until EIGHT (8) DAYS past the Lease expiration date. At no time during the Lease Term should any utilities be disconnected. If, during the Lease Term any utilities are taken out of a tenant’s name, a $200.00 charge will be assessed per utility and Landlord may have the utility service terminated. Any final utility bill not paid for the Unit upon Lease expiration will be deducted from the security deposit of each individual tenant of the Unit on a pro rata basis.

23. If Landlord provides a cable TV box, Tenant agrees to pay its pro rata share of the $250.00 replacement cost in the event that it is lost or damaged.

24. Misuse of fire alarms by Tenant or Tenant’s guests will result in a charge to Tenant of $1,000.00 plus any municipal, fire department, or police department charges.

25. Tenant will be charged $100.00 for each incident of disrespecting Landlord’s employees and/or agents. Tenant will be charged $100.00 for speeding violations in the parking lots.

26. Tenant will be charged according to the following rate schedule for damages and violations of the Rules And Regulations, and for other applicable damages and rule changes not listed below:

a. Smoking in Unit $ 1,000.00 (per occurrence) 
b. Pet Violation minimum charge $ 3,500.00 (per occurrence) 
c. Fire alarm misuse $ 1,000.00 
d. Insufficient funds check return $ 30.00 
e. Lockout after office hours $ 20.00 employees and/or agents 
f. Lost mail key $ 50.00 
g. Sublease/Transfer fee $ 200.00 
h. Illegal occupant (per occurrence) $ 500.00 
i. Beer keg $ 600.00 
j. Noise violation $ 200.00 
k. Party Fee $ 500.00 (more than 16 people including the tenants of the Unit) 
l. Disrespecting Landlord’s $ 100.00 
m. Speeding in parking lots $ 100.00 
n. Early utility turnoff $ 200.00 
o. Lost/damaged cable TV box $ 250.00 
p. Damaged door $ 250.00 
q. Damaged door and doorjamb $ 350.00 (at Check-Out) 
r. Damaged or lost screen $ 50.00 
s. Refrigerator replacement $ 600.00 (excludes B/F Unit) 
t. Refrigerator door replacement $ 200.00 (excludes B/F Unit) 
u. Freezer door replacement $ 200.00 (excludes B/F Unit) 
v. Mattress cover replacement $ 80.00 
w. Shower Curtain Replacement (if provided) $ 20.00 
x. Additional Cleaning Services $ 60.00 
y. Holdover Fee (hourly rate for late move-out) $ 60.00

27. In the event that Tenant is charged for repairs, mishaps/violations of the Rules And Regulations, unpaid utilities, or any other obligation of Tenant and/or Tenant’s guest (s) per the Lease, then Tenant will pay the amount due Landlord by check or money order. Any amounts that remain unpaid after the due date will be subject to a late fee of $5.00 per day. Any check or money order should be made payable to Meadows Crossing and hand delivered or mailed to Landlord, or Landlord’s Agent, per Section 2 of the Lease.

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