Apartment Marketing Near GVSU: Wading through Social Media Noise

When it comes to apartment marketing, too much of the information out there is social media noise. Internet memes, Funny or Die videos, and inspirational quotes don’t tell you anything you really need to know about life in any given apartment complex, but too often this is what apartment managers put up on social media. It’s important for GVSU students to be able to tune out this noise and find the information they need to know. Which apartment complexes are good places to live? Which complexes are well managed? These are the questions you need to ask.

If you want to decide whether to try out a low cost, disposable product like a burger or a phone app, decision making isn’t very complicated. The amount of commitment you make to your burger is low. If it tastes bad, you can toss it in the trash. If you like it, you can go back to that restaurant and have that burger again and again. It’s the same with a phone app. If it doesn’t work for you, you can easily delete it.

When renting an apartment, however, you need to do much more research than just passively absorbing advertising. You will not sign too many apartment leases in your lifetime. Signing a lease is a commitment. You are promising to pay a significant amount of money to live in an apartment, and if you are dissatified, you can’t delete your living arrangement the same way you’d delete an app. Moving is a hassle. Breaking your lease is complicated. You want to make sure, then, that you make your decision based on things that actually matter. What do you need to know about any apartment complex you’re considering?

  • You need to know that management understands the needs and life issues of students.
  • You need to know that the apartment complex is accessible and accountable to its tenants.
  • You need to know that management treats its tenants fairly.

Unfortunately, social media will tell you nothing of the above. You can find that information by reading online reviews, asking current tenants about their living situations, checking out the floor plans or photos of the apartments online, or taking a tour of a complex.

Some apartment complexes, even in Allendale, Michigan, don’t deliver what they promise: a good living experience. Many complexes aren’t run by managers who have an investment in the apartment complex they represent like Meadows Crossing is, so they aren’t as motivated to make sure their tenants are happy or that complaints or problems are addressed. They don’t see that repairs are done quickly or deal with problem tenants.

Choosing where to live during college is a big decision that will impact your life and even your success in school. A good living situation will help you to be happy, focused, and productive, while a bad one can leave you stressed out, depressed, or even angry. When deciding on your apartment complex, ignore all of the marketing that focuses on things that do not matter. Meadows Crossing is happy to talk to prospective tenants and answer questions about what it’s really like to live here. We are proud of our management team and the service they provide to our tenants.

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