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The GR Shuttle Hopper Bus

If you’re a college student who likes to have fun and play it safe, too, then you’ll be interested in the Shuttle Hopper Bus that will help you do both!

After a grueling week of classes and studies, most college students want to get out with friends, relax, and have some fun, but if drinking is involved, it’s better not to mix drinking and driving. That’s one of the main reasons the GR Shuttle Hopper Bus is available. 

If you’re at the GVSU Allendale Campus, you can ride the Shuttle Hopper into Grand Rapids. While downtown GR, you can hop on the shuttle all night to any other downtown location within the “hopper box” free of charge and without the problem of having to find a taxi or drive yourself and hunt for a parking space. According to the shuttle bus’s website, “The GR Hopper Shuttle Bus goes to Allendale. Passes are $5 a person with a minimum purchase of 8 passes. We will come to one location and pick up your group. The shuttle will pick you up at your residential location or at Meadows Crossing at the shopping area. You can reserve a space (seating is limited) on the shuttle by purchasing a ticket online or by calling the office and paying in cash when you board the bus.”

What’s even better is that the GR Shuttle Hopper Bus isn’t limited to GVSU students. It’s also available to downtown GR residents and students coming from Standale or Alpine Hotels. This is a service that’s been developed to help students socialize safely.

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