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The Benefits of The Meadows Crossing Fitness Center

Though fall is full of studying, joining clubs, socializing and making new friends, it is also about getting back in shape! Well, Meadows Crossing's Allendale student apartments can help you with that too. Meadows Crossing Apartments is a great place to work out. The fitness center is open 24/7 so that residents have the opportunity to hit the gym even if it is at 4:00am!

The fitness center at Meadows Crossing has four flat screen TVs in front of the treadmills and ellipticals, and one near all the free weights. All equipment have headphone jacks just in case your iPod or mp3 player is dead. The gym also has restrooms and cubbies so that you can store your extra stuff while you work out. On top of that, Meadows Crossing keeps its fitness center air conditioned which is much needed when you are working on that six pack. Throughout the year Meadows Crossing offers a few classes. This year they had a kick-boxing instructor come out for the week and taught residents kick-boxing skills. This was a great way for residents to learn some self-defense moves.

Bianca, a tenant at Meadows GVSU student apartments, says, "Meadows Crossing is a great place to work out! I love how it is 24/7 so it allows me to be flexible when I work out. Also, I like how clean the facility is. The Meadows Crossing staff does a great job at keeping it looking good! Meadows Crossing really is the best off-campus apartments!" The fitness center is just one of the many great amenities that the community has to offer to its residents. Schedule a tour today to see what else Meadows Crossing offers its residents!

 If you are searching for apartments near Allendale with great amenities, Meadows Crossing truly is the place to be!

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