Meadows Crossing is in the Game for Laker Football

Guess what? Fall is here and that means Grand Valley State University FOOTBALL SEASON! This is one of Meadows' favorite times of the year.

Last year, Meadows Crossing Apartments in Allendale MI sponsored the first home football game for the 2011 football season. We are excited to sponsor the first home football game for the 2012 football season. Why exactly is Meadows Crossing so excited about the football games? 

Every year Meadows Crossing’s GVSU apartments team gives out nearly 3,000 t-shirts to students at GVSU. The design of the t-shirt is revealed at the first football game. Meadows Crossing constantly gives these t-shirts out to students throughout the year. If you miss them at the football game, you can find them at other events on campus at various times throughout the school year. What else does the Meadows staff provide to students?

Meadows Crossing also gives out free food at the football games. The staff brings along a grill and gives out free hot dogs and water. This is a great way for Meadows Crossing employees to meet some of the students at Grand Valley. Last year not only did Meadows give out free t-shirts and food, but they gave out $5.00 gift coupons to Brew Stir’s. Did we mention the airplane?

During the football games, Meadows Crossing has an airplane that flies around the stadium with their banner on it. On the back of the banner, Meadows Crossing displays special events so that you don’t miss out. It’s never too early to schedule your tour at the best GVSU off campus apartments.  So come stop by the office today!

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