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Meadows Crossing and The Save-A-Life Tour

Meadows Crossing had the privilege to be a part of this year's Save- A- Life Tour put on by the Grand Valley State University fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon. This event was held at the Kirkhof Center located on the GVSU Campus on Tuesday, January 22 , 2013.

Meadows Crossing worked in collaboration to help promote the message of the dangers of drinking and driving and texting while driving. Meadows Crossing was able to develop and strengthen connections with other Grand Valley groups as well as benefit from the exposure of students passing through the Kirkhof Center.

The Save- A- Life Tour was able to promote the dangers of drinking and driving and texting while driving in a fun manner. The event reached out to college-age students and informed them on the inevitable dangers that texting while driving and drinking and driving hold. Interactive simulators were brought on campus to provide students with real-life scenarios of driving under these consequential influences.

Each student who participated was rated on their ability to maneuver a vehicle while "distracted". At the end of the course almost everyone was given more than one ticket for their erratic driving abilities and many had crashed their vehicle on the course and were subsequently injured or killed!

As a result of The Save-A-Life Tour, Meadows Crossing was able to reach out to hundreds of students showing our support and network with a cause that promotes the future safety of these students!

We thank the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon for including us in their event and hope to return next year for an even greater outcome!

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