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5 Ways to Live Better in Your College Apartment

It can be hard to change living arrangements, and it’s one of the things that creates a lot of anxiety for college students who are new at living away from home. Juggling day-to-day life responsibilities as well as learning to excel at school is a bit of a trick. Most of us feel comfortable with routines we’ve established, even when they constrain us or have become outdated. This is why moving to a new place can feel so challenging.


It doesn’t have to be so stressful, however. By focusing on a few key aspects of learning to take good care of yourself, you can better create a situation where it’s possible to thrive at college. Whether you’ve moved into your first college apartment this semester or are familiar with apartment living, there are a number of things that residents at Meadows Crossing can do to make this school year a better one, beginning here at home.

Decorate - Do not miss the opportunity to make your space your own in ways that will help you relax and be more productive in it. Make your bedding comfy, and put up pictures that inspire you to think outside of the box. When your room becomes your safe haven and your creative oasis, you will be happier being there even when all you are doing is studying.

Use your apartment complex’s amenities - Whether this is an exercise room, a spa, a pool, basketball or volleyball courts, take advantage of all the opportunities provided for you to burn off some stress or just relax. If you don’t maintain your activity level, both your mental and your physical health will suffer. Don’t let that happen.

Don’t forget to eat right - You may have gotten used to food being provided, whether at home or in the university dorms, but make a point of establishing a food routine - buying healthy foods, making dinner, eating leftovers, cleaning out the fridge - so you do not suffer nutritionally because of your more independent college lifestyle.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and respect the rules for safety on campus - While Allendale is not a high crime area and we at Meadows Crossing take our tenants’ safety and concerns seriously, it’s always best to think ahead about where you will be and when and avoid taking any chances with your safety. Read our tips for staying safe on campus for more on this important topic.

Reach out to your neighbors - These may be the people in your apartment or those just across the way. Good neighbors are invaluable.  Establishing personal relationships and making friends will give you friendly ears to listen during hard times and social outlets during better ones. Win-win!

Following the above advice will help you help yourself at college. When you make your living arrangements work for you instead of against you, you will have more energy, more optimism, and more time to devote to your studies and your other responsibilities. And all that will lead to more success at GVSU!

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