Safer at GVSU: Was Your Apartment Community’s COVID Response Proactive?

Many students who look for off-campus housing near GVSU wonder if the community they select will be a good place to live. Will the staff be responsive to problems and responsible for fixing them? Everyone wants to live in a community with people who care about them.

A Proactive COVID Response

Since the coronavirus epidemic began in March, Meadows Crossing’s management has been committed to keeping on top of pertinent information in order to keep our residents as safe as possible. In late March we wrote an initial letter that outlined our COVID response with our recommendations about quarantining. We have followed up with that every month on our blog, listing the actions that we took to make sure that our apartment community was as protected as we could make it. This included:

  • Limiting access to our leasing office 
  • Closing our amenity areas during periods of larger outbreaks
  • Encouraging our residents to stay home and to wear masks
  • Cleaning our common areas by purifying the air with bipolar ionization and treating surfaces with MicrobeCare, a hospital grade disinfectant
  • Creating and implementing a safer move-in process

We have been open and transparent about the actions that we took and why we took them. We believe that, because of the choices we have made, our community and our residents are safer here. This is important especially because GVSU has chosen to continue in-person classes and the campus is once again open and operating. 

Safer at GVSU

Meadows Crossing has other built-in advantages that work towards keeping residents safer from the spread of a pandemic like COVID-19. The way our buildings were constructed and function now limits contact between residents. 

The primary reason is because our buildings are townhouses instead of garden-style apartments. In a typical apartment building, residents are forced into interactions with people in hallways, in parking lots, and in common areas like stairways and foyers. In our townhome environment, residents enter directly into their apartments from outside. 

Our parking areas are specifically designed for easy access. Parking is at the doorstep of our residents. They don’t have to cross a vast parking lot interacting with many other students. They can park in front of their own townhouse and then easily enter into the building and from there to their individual room. 

During this pandemic, any of our residents who wanted to limit their contact with other people who might be sick could more easily do so because of the way our community is set up. This is a real advantage we can offer, and this advantage will remain even when COVID-19 is finally over. 

We have so much to offer our residents at Meadows Crossing. We are very proud of our proactive COVID response and the way our staff and management have kept our residents safer at GVSU during this pandemic. Leasing for the 2020-2021 year is beginning soon. If you have not discovered why Meadows Crossing is “the place to be” in Allendale, call us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and give you all the information you need to make up your mind about your housing future at GVSU. 

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