What Is Most Important in an Apartment Community?

When it comes time to choose an apartment community, it’s easy to get distracted by the new and shiny and not focus on what really matters for good living. The most important qualities of an apartment community are not always immediately obvious but become apparent after you’ve lived there for some time. Often people will not realize until months after they’ve signed a lease that their living situation isn’t ideal. What does matter in an apartment, then? We’ll go over the advantages that a good apartment has here.

Location, location, location – It’s true with all real estate, even real estate you rent: location is everything. If your apartment is not safe and convenient to where you need to be, other considerations fade away. Meadows Crossing has the distinct advantage of being the closest apartment community to Grand Valley State University. It’s literally one bus stop away from campus. For a busy student who has to make time for class, work, and life, not having to waste that time on a long commute is a priceless advantage.

Management – The best apartment architecture in the world is not worth much if it’s not maintained. Without proper care, the condition of any community will soon suffer. How can you know what the reputation of the property manager is? One of the best ways to tell what it is really like to live in any apartment is to read online reviews. The experiences of people who have actually lived in these properties are great guidance. Newer apartment communities are at a distinct disadvantage here because the information about what it is really like to live there will not be available for years.

What sites should you consult when looking for reviews? There are a number of sources online, but you should definitely check out any complex’s Google ratings, Facebook reviews, and ApartmentRatings.com. One review might not tell you very much, but after you’ve read several, you can decide for yourself what sounds like a truly good place to live.

Privacy – In any shared apartment, privacy is at a premium. Many people can’t study with a lot of noise, and everyone likes to get away from other people – even people they like – sometimes. At Meadows Crossing we accommodate our tenants’ need for privacy in a number of ways. First of all, our bedrooms do not open to a common room. They are all off a private hall. This means our tenants’ comings and goings are more private. Second, all of our bedrooms have private bathrooms so our tenants can wash, get ready, and do their personal business without an audience. Finally, most of our townhomes also have a half bathroom so our tenants’ guests also have their own privacy and no tenants have to sacrifice their own personal bathrooms for guests.

Quality furnishings – Nothing makes a quality apartment feel subpar more than cheap furniture. Most apartment complexes at Grand Valley purchase cheap, student-housing furniture that gets beaten up quickly and never really looks nice. At Meadows Crossing we’ve invested in high quality furniture that is attractive and long lasting. It doesn’t break easily, it’s comfortable, and it looks nice in your home away from home.

If you are searching for an apartment in Allendale, Michigan and want to know what makes for good living off campus at GVSU, the above considerations are ones you need to take into account. Meadows Crossing offers its tenants a truly superior college living experience. Call us today for more information about our townhomes and amenities.

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