What is the Difference between a Townhome and an Apartment?

When you think of apartments for rent near GVSU, you probably think of apartments, but not all living units off campus are apartments. At Meadows Crossing, they’re townhomes. This is because we think townhome living is superior to apartment living for Grand Valley students.

If you are a first-time renter or a freshmen transitioning from dorm living, there are a number of things to consider before you decide where you should live – if you want to have the best experience you can.

IMG 2382The vast majority of the living units available to rent at Meadows Crossing are townhomes. We offer only 10 traditional apartments. Two of these are located above our offices and eight are above the shops in our retail space. In comparison, there are 179 townhomes, and they make up 95% of Meadows Crossing. This is because we think townhome living is much superior to apartment living. Why is townhome living better?

Parking is better – Unlike apartments, which frequently have long hallways and stairs, townhomes are accessible to their residents directly from the sidewalk outside. You do not have to navigate door after door, long hallways, and long flights of stairs to get home after your day at work or classes. You can enter your home right from the street. That makes a huge difference when you’re carrying heavy textbooks or groceries! It also makes moving in and moving out much, much easier on you, your friends, and your parents!

Privacy – Many of the newer apartments on Grand Valley’s campus are being built to reduce space and eliminate hallways. In theory this sounds fine, but the reality is different. When all bedrooms in an apartment exit directly onto common space like the kitchen or the living room, residents have little real privacy. You may not want everyone to know when you’re in your room or hear the music you’re listening to. You may not want anyone to be able to keep track of when you’re home and when you’re out.

If your roommates have guests, do you really want to have to dress up to run to the laundry room and put your clothes in the dryer? Do you want an audience every time you come out of your room? These are real considerations. All of the bedrooms in Meadows Crossing townhomes exit onto a hallway. This guarantees more privacy for each tenant because no one congregates in a hallway.

Noise – Townhomes are also different from apartments in that the whole structure – all of the floors – belong to one unit. This means you will not have noisy neighbors above or below you to contend with.

Individual bathrooms – Every bedroom in a Meadows Crossing townhome has its own private bathroom. This means if you want to disappear into your own space and not be interrupted, you don’t have to leave your room to go to the bathroom. You can take a bath without dragging your clothes down a hallway, and you do not have to worry that other people will leave the bathroom in disgusting condition. All your toiletries are in one place, and no one else will use your shampoo! Furthermore, most of our townhomes have a half bathroom available for common use by all the residents and their guests. No one has to volunteer to let anyone use their bathroom as a result. Multiple bathrooms solve so many issues that crop up when living with other people.

For all of the above reasons, we recommend that GVSU students explore townhome living as an option this fall. This upcoming school year choose the right place to live in Allendale, MI. Choose the townhomes at Meadows Crossing.

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