Abundant Parking Near Your Doorstep at Meadows Crossing

If you’re new to off-campus living near GVSU, you may not realize that when it comes to parking, not all apartment complexes are created equal. At Meadows Crossing we made abundant parking a priority when we designed and built our complex, and our residents benefit from those choices every day. In our complex, parking is plentiful and conveniently located, and it always will be. 

How Far Do You Have to Walk to Your Car? 

In many GVSU apartment complexes people must walk through a sea of parking to get to their cars, and the parking spots they manage to find change all the time so every day they have to remember where they parked. Here at Meadows Crossing our residents typically do not have to walk further than 100 feet to get to their vehicles. Why? It’s because we designed our complex with the comfort and happiness of our residents in mind. 

Before we broke ground we considered how we wanted the distribution of parking throughout the site. We could have developed more buildings and created a more densely populated apartment complex which would have been more profitable. This would not have improved the standard of living of our residents, though. Instead we made sure that each unit has accessible and convenient parking and that there are no traffic bottlenecks anywhere on our property. 

Abundant Parking for Residents and Guests

We also built in extra parking for our residents’ guests so that parking availability isn’t compromised when our residents want to entertain. Even guests can park reasonably close to the unit they are visiting. While other complexes offer parking at a one-parking-spot-per-bed ratio, our parking lots have 54 more parking spots than beds – 8% more! Typically, there are 100 available spots for our residents and their guests at any given time.

Our guest parking system is easy to use and works fabulously to ensure that parking here is hassle free. Guests do not have to worry that their cars will get booted like they do at other complexes. Meadows Crossing’s proprietary software program allows our residents to go online any time of day or night and obtain permits for their guests to use in our parking areas. These are printable and can easily be placed on the dashboard of a visiting vehicle. Guests then can park in any available spot. There is no separate guest parking area in a distant area of our property as there are in some complexes. 

You don’t have to take our word that Meadows Crossing’s parking is the best on campus. Absolute Security, a local security company, will tell you that our Guest Parking Permit system is by far the best system of all the apartment complexes near GVSU for which they provide security service. They service almost every large complex in Allendale, Michigan, so they know what makes parking simple and secure.

If you’ve never lived in an apartment or house that has poor parking availability, heavy traffic, or poor security, you might not know how much a difference it makes to not have to worry about parking or your car getting broken into or sideswiped by a careless vehicle. Abundant parking is important. We are proud to offer our residents a complex that takes the stress out of parking. Students have other things to worry about when they are at college. If you are considering where to rent off campus near GVSU, make sure you consider all of the aspects of what makes college life better and more enjoyable. We did years ago when we built Meadows Crossing, and our residents benefit every day!

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