Catching Some Rays: Meadows Crossing’s Tanning System

West Michigan can be a bleak place in the wintertime. We have long stretches when there is little sunshine and the weather is too cold and windy to be outside for long. This lack of sun causes problems. Many GVSU students struggle to keep their spirits up or to feel energetic enough to accomplish the studying and the work they have to do. Part of this is simple Vitamin D deficiency. Fortunately, Meadows Crossing’s tanning system can help you fight it.

Typically human beings make their own Vitamin D when their skin is exposed to sunlight. Unfortunately, during winter West Michigan does not get enough sun for us to do that. It’s simply impossible when the days are only 9 to 12 hours long in December, January, and February. Are you deficient in Vitamin D? It’s almost certain that you are. Here is a list of common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

A number of those symptoms, including fatigue and depression, also coincide with Seasonal Affective Disorder. This condition can be alleviated by getting more Vitamin D. How can you make sure your body gets more Vitamin D? You can add it to your diet with supplements, you can use full-spectrum light bulbs or a light box, you can go outside more often when the sun is out, and, last but not least,  you can use a tanning bed.

Meadows Crossing has two tanning beds and a fantastic tanning scheduling system available for our tenants to plan their tanning usage. Many local apartment complexes offer tanning as a benefit to their tenants, but Meadows Crossing’s tanning system is much easier and more convenient than those at other apartment complexes. It allows for regular tanning but not an excessive amount of tanning that would be dangerous for either skin or health.

This tanning system is not the first-come-first-served kind. Our tenants make their tanning appointments via our website by logging in, choosing a tanning bed, and reserving a time during the day. They can schedule their sessions up to a week ahead. The system allows for two sessions per week per tenant. By reserving ahead of time, they can easily fit their tanning into their study and work schedules. They do not have to wait for others to finish tanning either when they arrive. It’s a very smooth process.

Each tanning appointment is 30 minutes long. Appointments are scheduled on the hour and the half hour with 20 minutes allowed for tanning and 10 minutes for dressing and undressing. Our system is designed to take any conflict out of scheduling while allowing for regular tanning for all of our residents. We maintain the tanning beds and change the light bulbs regularly. Our tenants love this tanning benefit.

tanning system

When winter gets to be too much, Meadows Crossing’s residents have the option of getting their Vitamin D boosts via our tanning beds. For some people this is exactly what they need to feel brighter and more optimistic during the darkest days of the year. We are happy to be able to help in this way!

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