Meadows Crossing’s Guest Parking Permit System Excels

One factor few college students take into consideration when they choose a place to live is parking. This is important for a number of reasons. The first is that any student with a car will need a place – a safe place – to park. The second is that they will want their friends and relatives to come and visit them – and that means their apartment complex must have adequate visitor parking.

The Meadows Crossing complex offers enough parking to accommodate both of these needs. Many apartment complexes only provide parking space at a one-parking-spot-per-bed ratio. This means that for every tenant there is one parking spot. Some complexes offer even less parking than this so that only a fraction of their tenants will be guaranteed parking. They add a few guest parking spaces which brings their total up to not even full tenant capacity. Invariably this leads to problems for their tenants and their tenants’ guests.

For students at these other complexes, this means finding parking is a constant struggle and guests’ cars will get booted when parking is enforced. Removing that boot is both time consuming and expensive, and if there’s one thing college students don’t have a lot of extra of, it’s money. Many places also have parking physically distant from the apartments themselves. This means that students must meet their guests in the parking lot and walk them to their apartments. What a hassle!

The tenant capacity at Meadows Crossing is 748 beds. Our parking lot has 802 parking spaces available. This is 54 more parking spots than beds, or 8% more, a very generous parking allowance. At any one time there are 100 vacant spaces for our tenants and their guests to use.

Additionally, Meadows Crossing has developed a proprietary software program that provides its tenants with the ability to go online and obtain Guest Parking Permits for their guests. The software program includes an algorithm that enables Meadows Crossing to determine how many parking spaces will be vacant each night of the week. Our tenants are mobile, and there are always a few that are not at home for the night because they are visiting a friend, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or family.  The algorithm then allocates these vacant spaces as available for Guest Parking.

When our tenants have guests come to visit, they simply go online to our website and onto our “Residents” page where they can select “Guest Parking Permits.” They then register their guests’ vehicles and print out permits to be placed on the dashboards of the guests’ vehicles. The beauty of Meadows Crossing’s parking system is that our tenants do not have to physically come to our Leasing Office during business hours to obtain a Guest Parking Permit. Instead, they can obtain a Guest Parking Permit in the comfort of their apartment and at any time of the day!  

Another great feature of our system is that guests can park in any vacant parking space in our apartment complex rather than having to park in a remote parking lot designated specifically for Guest Parking. This is a huge convenience for the tenant and guest. Very seldom has the need for Guest Parking Permits exceeded the number of available permits. This parking pass system has been used continuously for three years, and it works very smoothly.

Absolute Security, Meadows Crossing’s security company, tells us that our Guest Parking Permit system is by far the best system of all the apartment communities near GVSU for which they provide security service, and they service almost every large complex in Allendale, Michigan. We have been able to greatly reduce the number of incidents where guests’ cars are booted because they did not have a guest parking permit in their vehicle. Having to pay for a boot removal is a terrible way to start a day.

Most prospective tenants do not even think to ask about an apartment complex’s guest parking pass system. They find out too late that there is not enough guest parking, not enough tenant parking, or both! Meadows Crossing solved these problems years ago, and our tenants do not have to worry about having parking for themselves or their visitors.

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