Meadows Crossing’s Townhomes Offer More Privacy

It’s that time again, the time when GVSU students must decide where they will live next year. If you’ve only lived at home or in the dorms in your college experience, it can be hard to know what is really important to look for in an apartment – the kinds of features that will prove to be either very valuable or very annoying to your overall experience. Before you make a decision, we at Meadows Crossing would advise you to think about how much privacy your apartment will afford you.

College apartments are not all constructed the same. Many newer apartment complexes near Grand Valley are designed to conserve square footage. The less overall space there is in an apartment, the cheaper they are for the complexes to build and maintain. Often in apartments designed this way the individual bedroom doors will open onto shared living quarters like a living room or a kitchen. This might not seem like a problem to someone who is unfamiliar with the challenges of apartment living, but it is. Let’s explain why.

Model Interior 8If your bedroom door opens onto a common living space, you will have a harder time maintaining your privacy. Every time you have to go somewhere, whether that’s to class, to run an errand, or to throw a load of laundry into the dryer, your movements will be on display to your roommates and anyone they have visiting. People will know when you’re coming and going and who you’re coming and going with. Living in an apartment designed this way is a little like living in a fishbowl.

In contrast, the townhomes at Meadows Crossing are built to maintain privacy, not lessen it. The layout of a townhome is different from an apartment. All of the private bedrooms in our townhomes are located off of a hall, not a common room, and each bedroom has its own bathroom for additional privacy. A hallway offers much more privacy than a common room where people are likely to be sitting around either relaxing or eating. No one will be watching in the hallway if you decide to leave your room in your pajamas to get a snack.  

You may not think privacy is an issue because you know and like your future roommates, but people come and go visiting their friends. You may not like all of your roommates’ friends as much. Consider how unsettling it might be for other people to see you coming and going from your room. A hallway is a simple but excellent design feature that bypasses this problem in a group living situation.

If you are currently looking at apartments in Allendale, Michigan, and wonder which one would be the right fit for you, consider the privacy each rental unit offers when you make your decision about where to rent next year. A hallway might make all of the difference in the world in terms of comfort and privacy in your living situation. Contact Meadows Crossing today for a tour of our townhomes and facilities and see why so many of our residents are satisfied with their experience living here.

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