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GVSU students looking for a place to live in Allendale, Michigan, need to keep the #1 rule of real estate in mind: Location, Location, Location!  Why is this true? Because when you’re busy with class, work, extracurricular activities, and friends, distance is time, and there aren’t very many college students who have too much time on their hands.

At Meadows Crossing there’s a GVSU bus stop right outside your front door. No student has to travel more than 550 feet to get to either of the two GVSU buses that transport students from the apartments to campus. What’s more, the bus takes students directly from Meadows to campus without any stops. The reverse is also true…GVSU buses stop first at Meadows Crossing when they leave campus. Practically speaking, this means that students who live here waste very little time getting back and forth to class. For students who don’t want to hang out all day on campus killing time between classes, it’s easy to get back home where they can relax, study, eat, or take a nap.

bicycleRAPIDHave you ever wondered what happens when GVSU’s buses aren’t running? Unfortunately, that can happen due to bad weather or other unexpected problems, and students still need to get to class. Meadows Crossing residents do not have to worry, however…they can easily walk or bike to campus because the distance is small and manageable.

Meadows Crossing is also surrounded by other apartment complexes in Allendale. For our residents, this means it’s easy to visit friends who live either on campus or off campus.

You may think that having a car or access to a decent bus line would make the location of your apartment building less of a factor, but distance equals time and money any way you look at it. Walking to a bus stop takes time. Waiting for a bus takes time. Waiting through many bus stops on your way to campus or on your way home takes time. That’s time you could spend at work making money, studying for your classes, eating, relaxing, or being with friends.

So keep location in mind when you’re deciding where to live at GVSU. If you choose to live at Meadows, you will enjoy a quality of life where time is saved getting to and from classes every day and where visiting friends at other apartment complexes or on campus is very easy because Meadows Crossing’s location is walking distance from them. Meadows Crossing is currently leasing for the 2018-2019 school year. Call us today to reserve your space in the most conveniently located apartment community to GVSU’s campus.

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10745 48th Avenue, Suite B-100
Allendale, MI 49401
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Phone: (616) 892-2700
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DTE Energy: (800) 477-4747
Consumers Energy: (800) 477-5050
Spectrum TV/Internet: (855) 895-5302

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