Meadows Crossing’s Package Center

Meadows Crossing has a convenient Package Center in our leasing office to assist our residents with picking up their packages. We are very pleased to offer this service. In every apartment community across the United States picking up packages has become a large challenge as more and more people order items online and have them delivered to their homes. We are glad to have created this solution for our staff, our delivery carriers, and, most importantly, our residents. The Package Center is accessible to our residents 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How Meadows Crossing’s Package Center Works

If you have a package scheduled to arrive, the delivery carrier will attempt to deliver it to your door first. If you are not home, the carrier will leave a note on your door that he attempted a delivery but no one was home to receive the package. The carrier then takes the package to the Package Center in our leasing office. The Package Center is secured by an electronic lock system that can only be opened by an electronic key fob or by entering a security code into the door keypad. All delivery carriers have a security code they must punch into the door keypad to gain access.

Once in the Package Center, the carrier places your package on the appropriate shelf. Shelves are arranged in alphabetical order by last name. If the package is very large, the carrier places it on the floor below the shelf that is labeled with the first letter of the resident’s last name.

When you, the resident, get home and find the carrier’s note, you can go to our Package Center and pick up your package any time of day or night. To enter the Package Center, you use your personal electronic key fob which is your electronic signature. Once inside, you hold up either your driver’s license or your student ID in front of the camera lens by the door for three seconds. Then you can retrieve your package.

When you’ve located your package(s), hold each package up to the camera lens by the door (with the delivery label visible to the camera) for three seconds. There are five security cameras in the Package Center that are recording your actions. If you cannot lift your package, there is a designated area on the floor to place your packages so the camera can see the package labels. This area is marked off with blue tape.

Why the Package Center Is Such an Improvement

The benefits of this new Package Center are many. First, it enables our residents to get their packages quickly no matter what their school and work schedules are like. Second, they do not have to wait in line to have a Meadows Crossing staff member retrieve the package for them from storage. Before this solution, we would sometimes have long waits for packages. Third, the Package Center is very secure. Not only does the Package Center have five security cameras, but there are also cameras in the lobby and by the exterior entry to the building. The procedure we’ve designed ensures that package owners and only package owners get their packages.

In order to ensure security, we will levy a $100 fine to residents who do not follow our procedures, and repeated violators will lose their right to access the Package Center and will be reported to law enforcement since it’s a Federal offense to tamper with packages that are not yours.

Our Package Center has been open since November of 2018, and we’ve received very positive feedback from everyone involved in the process. If you’re planning on shopping, you no longer have to worry about when your packages will arrive so you can receive or retrieve them. You can pick them up whenever your schedule allows. We’re glad to be able to offer this service to our residents because it gives everyone more convenience and peace of mind!

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