Meadows Crossings’ New and Improved Fitness Center

Meadows Crossings is incredibly proud of its new and improved Fitness Center. It is the best off-campus gym near GVSU bar none. Meadows Crossing has always offered a gym as an amenity for residents who love sports and need to work out, but recently we made a number of improvements to our Fitness Center that we will highlight here.

What’s New at the Fitness Center?

In 2018 we surveyed our residents throughout the year to get an idea of how we could improve on the fitness center we already had. We asked them, “What are we missing? What do we need to make this place amazing?” As a result of their input, our gym is now 43% larger – we went from 1,476 square feet to 2,105 square feet in total. We also invested significantly in new equipment including:

  • A Keiser M3i Spinning Bike – for intense aerobic workouts
  • A Stair Master Climber – for intense leg workouts
  • A MTX Max Trainer – for intense aerobic workouts
  • A 7 Degree Smith Machine – for safer workouts when working out alone (without a spotter)
  • An additional Heavy Lifting Rack – for shorter waits between turns
  • A Fixed Barbell Rack of barbells ranging from 10 to 120 pounds – for quicker workouts
  • A Chin/Dip Machine – for workouts that manipulate your own body weight
  • A 45-degree Leg Press Machine – for increasing your leg strength
  • 80-, 85- and 90-pound Dumbbells – for heavy workouts
  • 4 New Floor Mats – for shorter waits between turns

All of this new equipment means that you should be able to tone, tune up, or maximize your physical fitness whether you like to do cardio, lift weights, or stretch. The Fitness Center works for people who just want to burn off extra calories and for anyone who wants to participate in athletic challenges or create the perfect physique.

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In addition to expanding the overall space, we also redesigned this space to provide a larger open area for floor workouts and stretching. Previously we had people stretching in whatever floor space was available. Now there is an entire area set up to accommodate yoga, stretching, and aerobics with all the mats and equipment you would need to do so.

We made some practical and aesthetic improvements too. We added new window treatments to update the look and feel of the gym and to maintain privacy. We installed ceiling fans to improve air flow and keep the temperature of the fitness center comfortable at all times. We also put in more hand sanitizers for extra convenient germ killing – always a necessity in an open space where people are sweating and sharing equipment.

How Does the Meadows Crossing Fitness Center Work?

For those new to Meadows Crossings or anyone considering our amenities, our Fitness Center works like this: It is open to our residents (and their guests) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so they can work out whenever their schedules and lives permit. Residents access the gym with their electronic key fob. The Fitness Center is a safe and secure environment in which to work out.

Meadows Crossings is committed to giving our residents what they need to make sure their needs are met, and this includes being able to exercise year round. It’s a challenge to get through the long winter months in Michigan, but our Fitness Center makes it simple. It’s well known that exercise and health, physical and mental, are closely linked. Regular exercise even improves memory and thinking skills. Now, with our new and improved Fitness Center, when we ask our residents what they think our gym should have, they say, “We have everything we need here. This is the best gym off campus.” For many it’s even better than GVSU’s facilities because it’s walking distance from their apartment, and they don’t need to commute to campus to exercise.

If you’re a resident at Meadows Crossing and haven’t checked out our Fitness Center, what are you waiting for? A new and improved you in 2019 is possible in our new and improved space!

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