Choosing the Right Place to Live

Choosing the right place to live at college is a significant decision, so you will want to thoughtfully examine what’s really important to you. Here are some commonly over-looked issues…

Building Style – Townhome v. Apartment

What are the main differences between these two styles of living?   Apartments and Townhomes are often referred to interchangeably, however, many students never quite understand the difference they represent.  In apartments, you have neighbors on either side of you and also above and below- depending on what floor you live on.  Apartments share flights of stairs.  If you are one of the lucky ones who lives on the 3rd floor, you will experience walking up and down three flights of stairs to get to your apartment every day.

Townhomes, on the other hand, are all ground-level living units with access directly from the sidewalk to the entry door of your home.  Townhomes have neighbors only on either side of them, and no neighbors living above or below. When moving in or out of your townhome, you do not have long interior hallways or multiple exterior flights of stairs to walk which makes moving so much easier for you and your parents. ☺  

At Meadows Crossing, 95% of the living units are Townhomes!

Parking – Near your front door

How close to your living unit will you be able to park your car?  Townhomes have parking areas well-distributed so that you can park near your front door.  At Meadows Crossing, it is typically easy to find available parking within 100 steps of your Townhome’s front door.

Interior Layout –  Bedroom privacy

Model Interior 3

How much privacy does the interior layout provide?  Do you have access to your bedroom from a hallway or is the bedroom located directly off the living area resulting in little privacy? This is another common problem that is often overlooked.  Does the layout offer maximum privacy to its residents? All of our Townhomes and Apartments at Meadows Crossing are designed for privacy. Our bedrooms are located off a hallway and not directly off a living room space so you can come and go as you please without entering the main living quarters.  

Number of Bathrooms – Private bathrooms and half baths

How many bathrooms are in the living unit?  Meadows Crossing provides a private bathroom in every bedroom for ultimate privacy! At Meadows Crossing, 95% of the townhomes and apartments also have half bathrooms for guests.  Most other apartment communities do not provide half baths.

Fully-Furnished – No need for a U-Haul

Are the apartments fully-furnished?  Meadows Crossing units come fully-furnished with all major appliances so there is no need to rent a U-Haul.  Here is what Meadows Crossing provides:


Living Room



Full-size Bed



Full-size Washer

Night Stand

Side Chair




End Table & Coffee Table



Computer Desk

Entertainment Stand



Desk Chair

Four (4) Barstools



Storage – Lots of storage

How much storage space is there?  Storage is one of the most overlooked aspects of choosing where to live. At Meadows Crossing our bedrooms offer closets with closet organizers and shoe racks.  Our full-size beds have been designed to provide maximum storage underneath them.  The kitchens at Meadows Crossing have an abundance of cupboards, cabinets, and drawers.  The hallways have closets for coats and linen storage.  Meadows Crossing living spaces are designed to provide maximum storage for all your stuff!

Bus Stops – Conveniently located

How conveniently located are the bus stops and how many bus stops service the apartment community?  Do not underestimate the value of convenient bus stops and the location of bus stops to where you live. At some apartment complexes, you will find yourself walking over 1/3 mile to get to the bus stop.  Meadows Crossing offers two convenient bus stops adjacent to the property so you are never more than 650 feet from your front door to the bus stop – that’s only about 300 steps!  

Amenities – The spice of life

What amenities does the apartment community offer its residents?  Does it have a fitness center? How about a pool and spa?  Does it have retail stores? Meadows Crossing features a pool and spa, 24-hour fitness center, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, a recreation room, a computer lab, and an on-site tanning center.  Meadows Crossing also has on-site retail shoppes including Insomnia Cookies, Cottage Inn Pizza, Gentlemen’s Quarters Barber Salon and Hip Party Store.  Our tenants greatly appreciate the convenience of being able to walk to our on-site retail stores for food, entertainment and other services.

Management – Helpful and effective

How helpful and effective is management at the apartment community that you are considering?  Is management on-site full time?  The Meadows Crossing management staff is on-site full time for resident convenience.  Our management team treats its residents with respect and is focused on providing complete customer care and satisfaction.  The staff at Meadows Crossing is friendly and eager to help you through the leasing process and to ensure that you have a successful move-in and living experience.  

Maintenance – Quick to respond and efficient

How quick and efficient is the maintenance service at the apartment community that you are considering? The maintenance staff at Meadows Crossing responds quickly to maintenance requests, often within a few hours.  Meadows Crossing provides swift emergency response after hours including after-hours lock-out service. The maintenance staff provides residents with a high quality living experience, and Meadows Crossing maintains its entire property in a pristine manner for your comfort and enjoyment.

Internet and Cable TV –  Extensive free package  

Does the apartment community offer free Internet and Cable TV?   Meadows Crossing offers complimentary High-Speed Internet and Cable TV.   We also provide a deluxe Cable TV package that includes Basic, Expanded Basic including 23 Premium Movie Channels, and On-Demand TV service to all of our residents.

Cost  –  Rent, Parking Fees, and Utility Expenses

In addition to rent, what are the costs at the apartment community? Is there a charge for parking?  At Meadows Crossing, parking is free!   Most other apartment complexes charge a parking fee.  Do the apartments have gas or electric heat?  Apartment complexes with electric heat are much more costly to operate than gas heat.  At Meadows Crossing all living units are designed with high-efficient, gas forced air furnaces, fast-recovery water heaters, and Andersen windows to save you money.  Our average utility bills are typically lower than most off-campus communities at GVSU.  Just ask our residents!

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