Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your GVSU Apartment

One of the best things about having your own apartment is the freedom to design your atmosphere to reflect your inner landscape. If your parents’ style has always tended towards Victorian knick knacks, brass and glass, or white on white, when you write the rent check, you now have the opportunity to indulge your love of Amish quilts, lacquer objects d’art, or metal sculpture. It’s an exciting feeling to be able to create an environment that inspires, excites, or relaxes you, depending on your needs and moods.

Meadows Crossing provides its tenants with fully furnished apartments, which takes much of the stress of moving in out of the process, but you will still be able to express your signature style here. Feel free to decorate with art, rugs, wall decorations, and pillows. Just a little financial investment and/or elbow grease goes a long way towards making an apartment a home.

From an economic standpoint, there’s probably never been a better time to find decent secondhand things. The boom-bust cycle of the last decade and its resultant foreclosures created an overabundant supply of stuff as people moved out of their newly built or redecorated homes and moved in with their parents. Boomers, one of history’s largest and most affluent demographics, are beginning to downscale as well, as their kids leave and their parents pass away. Many of them are choosing to move back to the cities and into apartments rather than stay in suburban homes. So after you’ve considered how best to express your taste and have pinned a few hundred pictures on Pinterest, check out these sources for deals:

  • Secondhand stores
  • Thrift stores and consignment shops
  • Craigslist
  • Garage and rummage sales
  • Friends and family

Cost varies, depending on the items desired, but, generally speaking, this list goes from most to least expensive and hardest to easiest to locate. Friends and family will often donate stuff to you for free – if you want it and can haul it. Garage sales will be held for as long as the weather holds in Michigan, so you still have some time to look for great deals there, but whether or not they will stock what you want will be the issue. 

Probably the best option for students with limited budgets will be thrift stores. Their inventories will be larger and more consistent than garage sales, and the prices will be lower than used furniture stores. Craigslist fits somewhere in the middle, and the great thing about that service is that you can create a trigger to get online notifications when items you’re seeking are posted online. The downside is…sometimes Craigslist people can be untrustworthy or dangerous. So do not go alone to pick up your merchandise – bring a friend. 

Patient decorators who can be flexible about the look they’re putting together are going to get the most out of this kind of decorating adventure, but for most people, looking for even smaller items can be enjoyable. So give yourself some time and be willing to try different things out while you nail down your own signature style here at Meadows Crossing.

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